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super junior prompt 55 → shatter; kangin/kangin

title: shatter
pairings: none (ot13)
rating: pg (some mild language)
word count: 427
summary: an account of kangin's DUI accident and its effects, in poem form.


october sixteenth. an autumn dawn
leaves turning golden, too ripe; fall
picture-perfect scenery blankets seoul
all good things must come to an end -

so they do.

late nights spent sneaking out and drinking
“merry, merry, quite contrary”; he stumbles into his car
slumps over the dashboard, checks the digital clock
starts the ignition and goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5

faster, faster

he rolls down the window, the wind whirring past him
life is good, better than before
the dorm is prison where rules were meant to be followed
but kangin was a rebel, defying all rules

(he’s as fragile as glass, regardless of what people say
don’t they know his brave front is an act?)

he laughs a hearty laugh
“fuck all the rules, i’m a free man!” he yells into the emptiness
foot stepping hard on the accelerator


he hears a loud bang, a crash, his body thrown forward
glaring lights blinding him, car doors slamming
rapping on the window (people with murderous faces looking in)
closing his eyes, wishing they would go away, stupid paparazzi

more people. they were terribly unprepared paparazzi
/squints - no cameras in tow
instinct tells him to get out and run so
he flees.


fully awake now. the truth has hit him
(oh the irony, he hit them)
he turns himself in. i’m a guilty man. i know.
i’m sorry (s o r r y never meant more than a five letter word)

his facade shatters, hard; crashes to the ground, breaks
into a million pieces, sharp and hurting
his pride reduced to nothingness
no longer worth loving, no longer worth living

the headlines are aplenty - “super junior’s kangin enlists in the army”
kangin takes a deep breath, tells his everlasting friends
“i should have come here in a better image to greet everyone,
i’m s o r r y.”
(“i will come back soon and we will be thirteen again.”)


“hyung, why haven’t you lost any weight?” the playful lilt in kyuhyun’s voice
it shakes kangin. makes him remember that there is such a thing as

it doesn’t come easy, doesn’t come cheap
but having his members engulf him in a group hug almost makes
him break


simple super junior math: 13 is 1.
minus kibum, minus hankyung, minus kangin, minus heechul;
13 - 4 = 9, which is not 1.
add kangin back to the equation; 9 + 1 = 10 which still isn’t 1
but it’s a step closer to being 13 again.

a step closer to happiness.

a/n: first time i've published any poetry for a fandom! tried to make use of spacing between lines and words to add to the effect of the poem. i'm really proud of this poem. enjoy! (p.s. watching videos and reading articles to read up on kangin's accident made me tear. that boy got smh but he matured from it. proud elf ♥)
Tags: fandom: super junior, pairing: ot13
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